Boutique Lily

Boutique Lily

Coco & Chouli

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Lenneke Wispelwey has a collection of beautiful cups and plates which will fit in any Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate table. Stars & Stripes Cups x 2, 7.2x8.8 cm and Minilicious Plate x 1, 10x1.8 cm. Hand made fine ceramics, where each item is unique (colors might vary).

Linen Me, 100% European Linen Tea Towel absorbs well and is soft for sensitive hands. Besides great looks, this material is made to last and is all natural, which makes it even more likeable! 53x70 cm.

Boutique Lily, soft lili scented soywax candle is cute on your desk, fits well in your necessary when traveling or place it on kids room. You can use beautiful Lenneke Wispelway plate as a coaster and then just light up the woodwick and enjoy!