Who and What is Coco & Chouli?


Coco & Chouli is a fine gift online shop created for anyone who appreciates a minimalistic but detailed fine gift items without giving up the practicality. Each set of the boxes we create, are unique and available only for a limited time. Our products are mostly made out of a natural ingredients, appreciating sustainable living and of course the beauty. 

Me, the founder of Coco & Chouli, have a long artistic background as a professional trained dancer and as a hobby i have experimented fashion and costume design industry. I have studied fashion back home in Finland and taking multiple international courses with London College of Fashion and Esmod. I personally love classical beauty, hint of a contemporary and Scandinavian minimalism and of course after 9 years living in Dubai, the chic Middle Eastern bling. 

The idea of an online gift shop started a long time ago, when i was trying to find a nice, beautiful gifts to be sent to my friends while traveling or when participating a birthday party i wanted to bring something else but flowers or wine. So the story begins...

Coco & Chouli name comes simply from Coconut, as i like the taste and scent of it, also it has a nutritional and health benefits. Chouli therefore is a shortening from Patchouli, a rather masculine, slightly hippie style of a scent. So perfect combo of feminine and masculine in all natural way.

We hope that people here in Dubai will find our service interesting and something new and that the Coco & Chouli gifts will ease up the hectic life, that's why we offer same day delivery option as well. Who doesn't love nicely packed beautiful box of unique gifts?!

We believe by giving you will receive and when we pass it forward, the world can be a little bit more of a better place.

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life!


Warm Regards


Founder of Coco & Chouli